About us

John van Meer
Crypto Currency Consultant

Who is the Bitcoin Consultant
Ever since I was younger I was always interested in the newest technology and gadgets, and then there was Bitcoin! As for many, making money was an interesting aspect, but for me I was fascinated with the ideology and blockchain technology behind it. I saw that Bitcoin could mean a lot to the world: a redistribution of power and wealth in the world. My ambition is to let as many people as possible learn about Bitcoin, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the underlying ideology. I am also using my acquired knowledge and experience to do a tailor-made risk analysis for your investment purposes.


My mission
is to introduce everyone with reliable and clear knowledge about
investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to make their own benefits and


My vision
is to get as many people as possible to use cryptocurrency so that people can become less dependent on the banks and have the benefits of blockchain technology of today.

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