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Want to learn how to invest in Bitcoin?

Here you will find all the courses you need to learn about bitcoin and blockchain and how to invest in them. You will also find courses that will help you learn how to trade and to become a professional trader.

Investing like a pro

All courses are made for beginners who are new in the crypto world and those who want to learn how to invest and be a trader. 

You’re assured of reliable and correct knowledge that can grow your investments and your own knowledge!


Clear information,
short but sweet

Reliable information

To limit your investment risks

Available everywhere

You can follow our lessons anytime, anywhere!

What you will learn

What the definition of Bitcoin and blockchain is

What the risks are

What your efficiency will be

How to analyse the crypto market

Where you can buy crypto currency safely

Where you can trade safely

Premium Discord group

The extra service in support of your trades.​ ​

More than 500 people preceded you with success!


Why de Bitcoin Consultant?

My mission is to introduce everyone with reliable and clear knowledge about investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to make their own benefits and profit.

My vision is to get as many people as possible to use cryptocurrency so that people can become less dependent on the banks and have the benefits of blockchain technology of today.

Courses from de Bitcoin Consultant

This is what students think about the courses of de Bitcoin Consultant

Clear and simple explanations

In my search for information about investing in cryptocurrencies, there was a lot of information to be found which wasn’t very practical. The video’s are sufficient and most of all straightforward, which I appreciate!

– Steven L

Very clear, even if you are completely new to trading!

Clear explanation, no “get rich quick” nonsense and a lot of info about limiting your losses. It helped me a lot!

– Sander Nijborg

Very interesting course!

Very educational course that teaches you the basics of trading. John explains everything very easily. With the knowledge I gained, I have now made a number of trades and even made a profit. With that you can say that the course has achieved its goal! 

– Sander van Kriegenbergh

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